Another Job Well Done NDIC

Another Job Well Done NDIC

Stupid Intelligence
NDIC Takes the Cake American Patrol Report -- July 2

Yesterday Town Hall reported on the National Drug Intelligence Center's assessment of the southwest border situation.
(The NDIC report was published in February, one month after American Border Patrol's report on the border was blacked out at the National Press Club.)
Good job Terry Jeffrey.
The NDIC report says, "Traffickers use vehicle platforms or car carriers retrofitted with ramps that can extend over the border fence to allow vehicles to cross into the HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) region," says the report. "The ramps are set up in less than a minute, providing agents with a very small window of time in which to interdict these types of smuggling attempts."
"Here we see the head drug intelligence agency telling us that a vehicle barrier that a man can step over is a fence," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. "The NDIC really takes the cake when it comes to disseminating stupid intelligence," Spencer added. (ABP will be issuing a more detailed analysis of the NDIC report on Friday.)
ABPs' video "This is not a fence," has had more than 10,000 hits on YouTube. Among other things, it exposes the ramp/fence nonsense.

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