Anti-gun book reviews hide an agenda

Anti-gun book reviews hide an agenda

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June 26, 7:51
I wasn't going to say anything about Joshua Horwitz and Casey Anderson's new book Guns, Democracy and the Insurrectionist Idea. First, because I've seen the ideas they're promoting and I think they're...mistaken, and secondly because I see no reason to publicize efforts by people who are working to subvert my rights. Besides, I've engaged with Horwitz before, and quite honestly, I found him to be...disagreeable.

I'm being polite.

The idea that the Framers did not view an armed citizenry as a defense against tyranny is absurd on its face.

Colleague Dave Workman, the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, has saved me the trouble of further argument. His "Firearms rights activists are now ‘insurrectionists’ say anti-gunners" should tell you all you need to know. Still, one of the comments posted to Workmans article led me to explore something I found interesting--not the book, but its reviews on At this writing, there are five.

I found no real fault with the first review--"Reading biased material on any subject for or against, should be viewed with a critical eye on who is presenting the material" is a valid observation.

The second comment struck me as bizarre, to the extent it's author has not learned from his own family's history, which I tracked down in an Internet search. Members perished in the Holocaust, including the Warsaw ghetto. That he embraces "gun control" when brave Jews there went to their deaths resisting the Nazis with "illegal" guns speaks volumes of his shameful ignorance when he calls for registration.

The third review was entered under a pseudonym, and indicts the NRA and "macho men" for "senseless mass violence." Curiously, this person has posted three reviews, two endorsing gun control books, and the third a rave for the "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle & Coo Doll - Lavender Velour/White Outfit." Perhaps the hostility toward "macho men" is understandable.

The fourth review is by a professor and anti-gun author--someone who professionally opposes gun rights. People might want to know that, and they might want to know that Horwitz previously gave his book a five-star review on Amazon.

The last review is by the father of a Virginia Tech survivor and representative of the Million Mom March. Not that you'd know it unless you looked up his name. You'd think he'd understand the disadvantage of disarmed victims facing an armed assailant. I guess giving up denial means other parts of his worldview may need to be examined.

I note the Horwitz/Anderson book is put out by the University of Michigan Press. I just so happen to be in the middle of reading another book from that publisher, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face, by Robert H. Churchill, Associate Professor of History at the University of Hartford. I'm enjoying the hell out if it and learning something new in each chapter.

Of course, this one involves real scholarship, and I'm looking forward to reviewing it both here and in Guns Magazine. And yeah, I'm biased.

The difference is, anyone who reads one of my reviews won't have to look elsewhere to find that out.
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Shameful Ignorance indeed!

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home" Thomas Jefferson
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