Arizona Activist Missing in Mexico - Update Located and safe

Arizona Activist Missing in Mexico - Update Located and safe

Fails to Show Up for American Border Patrol Meeting American Patrol Report -- May 27

Ron Ludders, an Arizona Tea Party activist, and head of Arizona 2010 Project, who went public with his support for Arizona's new law dealing with illegal immigration, has been reported missing after he did not return from a trip to Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico.
Rudders, his wife Beth, and another couple left Phoenix for Rocky Point on May 23. They were scheduled to return Tuesday for Ludders' meeting with Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol set for Wednesday. Tuesday evening Spencer received an email informing him that Ludders hadn't returned from Mexico and that the meeting would probably have to be postponed.
Ludders' associates have contacted U.S. and Mexican officials but, but as of this morning, there was still no world of his whereabouts.
Spencer, who had been working with Fox News on the border issue, told them of Ludders' disappearance.

Arizona activist found
Home ransacked -- Communications breakdown

American Patrol Report -- May 27, 2010 -- 12:35 PM PDT

Ron Ludders, his wife and friends have been located in Rocky Point, Son., Mexico. His home had been ransacked and they had to move to temporary lodging where the communications was limited. E-mails were sent but not received.

We are glad to know that all is well.

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I don't think

going to Mexico is a good idea for anybody right now especialy for someone who is fairly high profile on the illegal immigration issue.....JMO!

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A bad move, even with PSD, it would be risky, I think I would rather drive around Baghdad...haha

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