Arizona agents seize backpacks filled with pot

Arizona agents seize backpacks filled with pot

Aug. 9, 2010 04:58 PM
Associated Press .
Border Patrol agents are reporting two major marijuana busts in separate incidents over the weekend.

Agents assigned to a station in Casa Grande were operating a mobile surveillance system when they spotted suspected pot smugglers on Sunday.

They tracked them down and took 10 illegal immigrants into custody. The group was carrying several backpacks filled with marijuana weighing a total of 500 pounds.

Later that day, agents began tracking the footprints of a group of suspected illegal immigrants, which led them two 12 abandoned backpacks filled with pot and weighing more than 600 pounds.

Combined, the marijuana seized has an estimated worth of $886,000.


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7 years 32 weeks ago, 1:06 PM


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puff puff fail

I just recently heard about an abandon semi truck in a ditch somewhere off of I-10 which had WAY more mota crammed in it than 1100 lbs. Maybe I read the article on here? Not sure

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7 years 32 weeks ago, 1:37 PM

greg az

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mota (sp) is Spanish for pot as most of you know.. One time i had assigned a staff member to listen in on a phone call (all phone calls can be monitored from prison, reality is there's not enough staff to monitor all calls so only those were pretty sure should be listened to get monitored.. his notes on the call were a hit.. under anything of interest staff had "brother to visit next month" .. brothers name .. "mota"..

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7 years 32 weeks ago, 4:48 PM

Lyle Hutchins 1

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greg az, so the Bro. did visit the Inmate??
and did Bro. "mota".. have some, "mota"..??
It's always great when, the currier gets Busted, 'specially' bringing da "mota".. inside!

Lyle Hutchinson
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Posted by: samD
7 years 32 weeks ago

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