Arizona Senate OKs guns in eateries serving booze

Arizona Senate OKs guns in eateries serving booze

Arizona Senate OKs guns in eateries serving booze
2 hours ago

PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Senate has reversed itself and voted to allow people with concealed-carry permits to take handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol.

The Senate approved the bill on an 18-10 vote Tuesday, one day after it defeated the measure on a 14-14 tie when one supporter was absent. The bill now goes to the House.

Arizona law now generally bans possession of firearms in bars and restaurants selling alcohol.

Under the bill, a permit-holder carrying a weapon into a restaurant serving alcohol would not be allowed to drink. The measure would allow restaurants to deny entry by gun-toting citizens by posting a sign.

It also would reduce the misdemeanor penalty for bringing a gun into a restaurant that doesn't allow the weapons.

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on allowing concealed carry with no permit. Hopefully it goes the way of Alaska's law. We'll see.

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