Arizona Territory Cast Bullets LLC

Arizona Territory Cast Bullets LLC

Arizona Territory Cast Bullets LLC

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We cast our bullets from 6-2-92 virgin alloy metal which is also known as “Hardball” this is a mix of antimony 6%, tin 2% and lead at 92% this combination gives a BHN of 11 which is perfect for Cowboy action shooting, target shooting or just plain old plinking. Round balls are cast using pure lead with a BHN of 5. We do not use wheelweights!

All bullets are lubed with Magma Blue hard wax which is unsurpassed by any other lube in the industry. We can size your bullets to any size you specify to fit your firearm. In addition, bullets can be ordered sized only, “as cast” or molly coated. Please ask for details.

If you don’t see what you need or want, again, please ask, I’ll get it and give you a fair quote and lead time.

We ship anywhere within the USA using the USPO flat rate boxes. A typical cost is $11.00 for 2000 bullets weighing under 70 pounds.

Please visit my website at or call Bill at 480-202-2636
Phoenix at Arizona, 85242-4782 google map | yahoo map

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thanks sam

I been looking for these in AZ.

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