ATT-TACTICAL's TAC-4 Punisher™

ATT-TACTICAL's TAC-4 Punisher™

The answer to the quest for an ultra compact rifle-caliber select-fire weapon designed and intended for Diplomatic Security and Protective Operations. Extremely compact with it's 7” barrel, the weapon system can be carried in a shoulder holster rig (DeSantis®) and easily concealed under a sports coat. The long stroke gas piston system is historically more resistant to hostile environments where sand, dust and other contaminants would cripple a gas impingement system.

This is the ideal rifle-caliber weapon for off-shore contract security operations, in places where sand, dust and camel spiders occur.

The TAC-4 Punisher™ utilizes a long stroke piston system (Kalashnikov-style) for additional dwell time and smooth recoil. The system is rounded out with a chambered muzzle device that amplifies the barrel's peak pressure dwell. Increase pressure dwell allows for perfect, self-cleaning function even in the most hostile environments.

•Lother Walther Polygonal Bore 1:8 Twist
•SS Barrel and Bolt
•Billet Machined Charging Handle
•IonBond Coated Internals

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that is an extremly short barrel. wonder how accurate that is....can someone explain the barrel twist? pretty please.

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