An Avatar for RYO!

An Avatar for RYO!

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you look after your fellow boys so well..

[ tongue in cheek ]

I have reasons for the things I do, just don't expect them to be reasonable
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ojiisan, this is the second offering from you for a new avatar for little ryo. is it possible that you don't like ryo current avatar ka ryo like little NLOS-LS PAM rocket launch from 2 and half ton truck. you should know little ryo have passion for little things. this Precision Attack Missile is smallest vertical launch missile in current US Military Arsenal. It only 5 feet tall and is only 7 inch in diameter and weigh in at only 115 pound, which btw is 3 pound more than ryo weigh! even so, ryo is at least 2 and half inch taller than little missile. And it just go to show you that big thing come in small package. The range of this missile is 70 mile! the CEP accuracy (Circular Error Probable) is only 3 feet! That mean that half the round launch at circle 3 feet in diameter from 70 mile away will land inside the circle and go off. It is design and manufacture by Lockheed/Martin here in Dallas. Btw, it carry big wallop at end of ride. it carry 24 kg. warhead and will destroy medium size building, or even heavy armor tank. It can even track, hunt and kill moving target that have been designate for it. It quite the "Little Dragon" missile neh! Ryo however do enjoy your offerings. Have copy and kept this picture just like the first one and maybe one day will find use for it. In the meantime, Ryo really like current avatar of the little missile that could.

Your ichiban magomusuko,


Moshi Moshi from LittleDragon
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Posted by: samD
8 years 30 weeks ago

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