Awesome Conceal Carry Holster

Awesome Conceal Carry Holster

I have been using this for about a week and it is the best holster I have used. It is called a Kholster.They have them for damn near every type of handgun out there. If your interested in getting one I had a code that can save you 10% on your cost. That is the best part they are only 49 bucks shipped to your door. Their website is and there are video reviews on youtube if you want to see them in action. No I am not getting paid to say this I just really think you all might want to give on a try.

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NIce holster. It looks alot like my comptac minotaur spartan. It was about 60 bucks and I love it. Wish I had seen this earlier, I could have saved 20 bucks. Thanks for the info, might order one for a different bun.

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7 years 44 weeks ago

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