B 52's in boneyard

B 52's in boneyard

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5 years 40 weeks ago, 12:23 AM

greg az

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Guessing this is down in Tucson.. A drive down Houghton rd E of town will take you past thousands of aircraft.. in all phases of being cannibalized.. Since ALL BUF"s were built before ANY of their pilots were born it's just a matter of how long before.. Cool to see these old planes, and sorta sad to, hard not to make the drive and get both nostalgic, and a little pissed at the waste.

Pkato.. One of those guys you miss.. If you guys want to read some funny stuff go to his profile and find a thread about a steak joint.. Pkato's one of those guys who (no secrets on this.. we all kid him about it) has "gone bamboo".. This happens to some troops after a tour of SE Asia.. once them little brown girls get ya.. your a goner.. Miss Pkato, and hope he returns soon...

Those of you guessing hes an operator are correct.. for all the arm chair commandos that swing by, this guy, and bout a dozen others are VERY much for real.. Interesting sub story to this.. a year are so i did a post about getting a suppressor for our two P-22's (both in pics) .. i had written to a local AZ company that makes them.. AS something.. anyway i did a comment on this, and out of the wood work came four pms.. all regulars.. not runs or pkato.. these will remain nameless as they requested.. To say they had some knowledge about suppressed weapons is to say Sam might be a conservative.. They all said the same basic thing, and all obviously were pros.. I've never mentioned this before.. Just saying their are some "serious" folks on here..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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Posted by: Pkato
7 years 37 weeks ago

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