Back Up Sights front view

Back Up Sights front view

putting the Troy's on a cant to the scope along the same center line as the bore. I looked into the Dueck Defense Front & Rear Rapid Transition Sight, but the price for the set is prohibitive and they do not fold down out of the way when your not going to use them.

So I came up with a solution for effectively haveing the same setup but with sights I can flod out of the way.

I've put a canted mount on the back for the rear Troy flip up and front Troy flip up and done the same thing for far less...

Zeroing it in at WAC in the morning...


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canted rear buis

I don't have any experience with them, but would like to try them out on my next project (hopefully MWS). I assume there isn't any interference with the charging handle? I was toying around with throwing a T1 on a cant if I don't have something with 1x on top.

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I actually tried this out on a POF I was looking at with a firend. It worked great, the only thing needed if you have a scope on the top is high ride rings to have access to the latch pin on the sights to drop them.

I shot another friends LMT with the RTS sights on it and it works great and is easy to pick up the sights while moving too.

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