Banded mail

Banded mail

Banded mail is a composite armor formed by combining the concepts behind the Roman lorica segmentata with splint mail. It may otherwise be described as an 'armor of bands'. It is sometimes described as "a form of mail reinforced with bands of leather."

The historicity of banded mail has been controversial. Although considered real during the 1800s,later books on history claim that banded mail arose due to a misinterpretation of medieval artistic practices.

Banded mail also appears in Dungeons & Dragons. Debates about the existence of banded mail have also appeared in Dragon Magazine.

Banded mail armor is made of overlapping horizontal strips of laminated metal sewn over a backing of normal chain mail and soft leather backing. Lamination in this context refers to a process in which many thin sheets of metal are hammered or riveted together to form each individual strip.

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