Banners used in Independence Day border display stolen

Banners used in Independence Day border display stolen

July 5, 2010 -- Glenn Spencer - American Border Patrol

Last night someone stole American Border Patrol banners off the border fence. It is very likely they had to trespass on my property to get to the fence. The thieves would have to have used at least one ladder to remove the topmost sign. I checked with the Border Patrol and they said they had no report of seeing anything, If so, this is incredible since the banners are located just south of the Apache Sky Road camera tower and the tower has two thermal cameras.

I have reported the theft to the Cochise County Sheriff's Department.
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10:47 a.m. - After thinking about the theft of the banners, I realized that the crime may have been perpetrated from Mexico, in which case it would have been harder for the Border Patrol cameras to observe the crime.


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your welcome

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Border Patrol returns ABP's banners

The U.S. Border Patrol at Naco has returned American Border Patrol's banners on the condition that they not be placed on the border fence. Glenn Spencer reminded Agent Nieves that Agent Snavely, Naco Ranch Coordinator, had given ABP permission to place the exact same banners on the fence last year. Nieves said that was wrong and that his headquarters had demanded that the banners be removed.

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We have a DOJ that works ONE way on hate crimes, and is filing suite against AZ.. we have a NASA administrator who's now charged with giving Muslim's self esteem..

An Attorney General who wanted to bring KSM to ground zero so he could "FRY" some Republicans over waterboarding, or at the minimum be allowed to put his hate on the evening news.. Just another day in paradise..

Remember when the black kids beat up the white kid.. Belive they were called the "Jenna 5" .. Not sure i have that spelled right, but you guys remember the issue.. I told Gloria at the time i bet they wouldn't have a hate crime filed against them.. and you know what im not sure they should have.. thats not the point... the point is if it would have been 5 white kids.. ya think..

So guessing it's no surprise that the BP took the sign down...sheesh

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