Beretta 92 Target Model

Beretta 92 Target Model

Beretta 92 Target

Designed to offer the ultimate performance in competition shooting, the 98FS Target pistol meets all UITS standards for large caliber pistols (P.G.C.). The Model 98FS Target pistol features a 150 mm (5.9") barrel with an aluminum counterweight sleeve, micro metrically adjustable sights, and semi anatomic grips in walnut with 'orange peel" anti slip finish. This pistol is also available in .40 S&W cal. (96 Target).

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rare Berettas

I don't care for any of the F/FS/DS versions, since I've seen the slide-mounted safeties break and consider them unnecessary.

Beretta made the 92 Competiton, 96 Competition and 96 Combat Competition and I've lusted after them for years (frame-mounted safety, same as the later Steel series, older 92s and some Taurus clones) plus all the tricked-out comp accessories. I had one on layaway during a Beretta 'phase' (was issued one at work and had embraced the platform for most of my handgun needs--CCW, work, target, comp, home) but the $1500 wound up being used elsewhere.

The slickside 'D' variants are my fav overall.

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