Beretta 93R

Beretta 93R

This is my Super Rare Pre-86 Beretta 93R and has been featured in Movies, PRE-86 means I can keep this Beretta 93R if I decided to give up my Class 3 License, There are only 20 of these Real Imported 93R's in the United states According to B.A.T.F./NFA Regestry! out of 300,000,000 million people thats Rare, And they are only in Class 3 dealers hands and not in private hands! However there are a very few Civilian Transferable Beretta 92 conversions out there, but they are not real 93R's and were done by a Class 2 Manufacturer, the Forms they would be on are B.A.T.F. Form 4 to civilian/Non dealer or Form 3/ for Dealer, and would not say on the form "Manufacturer or Importer" by Beretta! The form 3 or 4 would State the Class 2's who is the New Manufacturers Name, state, Address, Zip. On my Form it states "Manufacturer" "FABRICA D'ARMI PIETRO BERETTA 25063 GARDONE VAL TROPIA,BRESCA ITALY" This one I bought from the Largest Beretta Collection in the USA, These guns fire in Semi Auto or 3 round Burst, And If you want the gun to run Full Auto, its simple, You take off 2 screws on the grip where the Ratchet Mechinism is and locate the Circlip, then you carefully insert a 1/8th Piece of rubber between the circlip and the tail end where it hits the stop bar, this prevents it from engaging the ladder ratchet, now the gun is Full auto, Or simply remove the Circlip and thus will do the same thng! I have shot this weapon and out of my whole Machine Gun Collection, this would be my Favorite, It goes everywhere I go! Today I brought it in Chase bank and pulled it out in the bank manajors cubical,"GOD I LOVE ARIZONA"! and showed the manajor who has been excited to see it since he knew I have waited for ever, This gun is not for sale no matter what the amount of money is!, so if any Dealer reads this.....Please Dont Ask!! ITS Not For Sale!!!" I Have shot my factory 20 round magazines and my 32 round Aftermarket Magazines out of it with out ever a malfunction, I wish everyone could experience this weapon, The diffeance is like comparing a Honda Accord to a Lamborgini,"This Is The Cream Of The Crop Of Pistol Machineguns, The differance Between this 93R and the 92FS conversion is, The 93R slide is Exceptionally Larger and heavier and the Grips are far differant on the right side of the weapon and not to mention the 93R takes a optional folding stock and has a tuck under Front folding stock! Anyways this is what I am looking for a company that can help design a Holster for my Weapon so I can carry it everywhere I go and not wear the Bluing off! This weapon cost more than most new cars and is in Showroom condition and I want to keep it that way, If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very happy, thanks for listening! "God Bless This Country!! Dont Ever Give Up Your Gun Rights!, And if you want to keep your rights you must VOTE "JOHN MCCAIN!" "JOHN MCCAIN" Is not only A Great Man That Fought For Our Country, He Is Also A Real American who cares for this Great Country,He Will Preserve Our Freedoms and Libertys And Has The Experience To Lead This Great Nation!


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top fed

The picture makes it look like the magazine is top loaded...

oh maybe not. how accurate is it?


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