Berg says Michelle Obama celebrating in Spain for 1 last time! I hope so!

Berg says Michelle Obama celebrating in Spain for 1 last time! I hope so!

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 08/11/2010) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “Constitutional qualifications” to serve as President of the United States.

"Berg said, “Michelle Obama Celebrated, for one last time, in Spain with her daughter and others as she knows that her husband, Obama/Soetoro’s, time as President is coming to an end as he is forced to quit as he will admit he was born in Africa and adopted/acknowledged in Indonesia and therefore, is not Constitutionally eligible to be President.”
Berg’s comments came as the controversy is building since Michelle Obama, her daughter and upwards of 40 friends traveled to Spain for a five [5] day vacation. The issues included spending money overseas when our country is going through economic turmoil; traveling overseas when she could have spent a vacation in the United States where her spending could have helped a local community; staying at a five [5] star hotel with sixty [60] rooms used for her friends, staff and security; and why she would travel overseas after widespread criticism when Michelle, her husband and two [2] children recently travelled to Maine for a four [4] day vacation and not to the Gulf of Mexico area.

Berg continued, “The pressure is building to force Obama/Soetoro to admit that he is an Imposter, a Fraud, a Phony and his tale is the largest ‘Hoax’ in the history of the United States, over 230 years. Actually, the pressure is building because the overwhelming evidence is that Obama/Soetoro was born in Africa and more important is the fact that Obama was adopted/acknowledged by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia and Obama’s ‘legal’ name became ‘Barry Soetoro’ and there is no evidence that he has legally changed his name and therefore, every time he uses the name of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ he has and is committing fraud.”

Berg concluded, “I am in the final days of planning for the largest March/Rally in Washington, DC in October 2010 to force Obama/Soetoro to step down from the Office of President, a position he is not Constitutionally eligible to be President as he is an ‘Usurper’ and he has led our country into a Constitutional crisis. When Obama/Soetoro steps down, all of the appointments and programs including ObamaCare will end because all of them are ‘voidable’”."


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oh man,oh man

hope so

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Too old to fight, Too old to run, guess that's why I carry a gun! "would someone show this asshole the way out of town".[Rabbi Avram Belinski-aka "The Frisco Kid"]
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