Biden: US Govt will appeal dismissal of charges in Blackwater shootings case

Biden: US Govt will appeal dismissal of charges in Blackwater shootings case

Another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Update: "Biden vows the US will appeal in Iraq Blackwater case," from the BBC, January 24 (thanks to Mackie):

US Vice-President Joe Biden says the US government will appeal against a court ruling dismissing manslaughter charges in the Blackwater shootings case.
Mr Biden was speaking after meeting Iraqi politicians in Baghdad.

Iraqis were furious when a US judge threw out charges against five Blackwater security guards over the 2007 killing of 17 Iraqis in Baghdad.

Mr Biden is in Iraq in an attempt to defuse a political crisis over candidates for the election in March.

Class action

Mr Biden said the dismissal of the Blackwater charges was just that and "not an acquittal".

Expressing "personal regret" over the 16 September 2007 shootings in Baghdad's Nisoor Square, he said the US justice department would file its appeal against the court's decision next week.

"The United States is determined to hold to account anyone who commits crimes against Iraqi people," Mr Biden added.

"While we fully respect the independence and the integrity of the US judicial system, we were disappointed with the judge's decision to dismiss the indictment, which was based on the way some evidence had been acquired."

Iraq maintains the Blackwater guards fired without provocation. Blackwater said the firing followed an ambush on one of its convoys.

The US rejected attempts for a trial in Iraq but charges in the US were thrown out when a judge ruled in December that the guards' constitutional rights had been violated and that the justice department had mishandled evidence....

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I want to hurt that man. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him.

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lmao runs

runawaygun762 wrote:
I want to hurt that man. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him.

You sound like Herman Munster throwing a hissy fit lol But i do agree with you.

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Quit beating around the

...check... G-AZ
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A court's decision wasn't to his liking, so he thinks it should be thrown out. Does he now consider himself the final arbiter of all things? Since it isn't in the US constitution, has he arbitrarily suspended it & appointed himself the (un)holy Roman emporer of the US? Well, not "Roman"; he's not Italian. Maybe he's an honorary (or dishonorable) Kenyan.

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