the "BIG" project..

the "BIG" project..

If i did this right you looking at a matte blue rifle action with a black scope.. Hoping thats the case and im not posting our dental records.. ya just never know when im at the "posting" helm.

Heres the deal, i think all of us like to have projects, and for a couple of reasons (ah..bucks) i haven't bought a new piece for well over a year..So im sitting here a couple months back, and cali mike and greasy are talking about the matte blue that (i hope) is shown.. so i start thinking, always a dangerious area, but in this case i think ive got a winner..

As you guys know i collect the Victory model of the Model 10. Theres something really special about shooting an old war horse, and thier still at an "affordable" price level, something that the old 1911's have long ago gone past. Least for those of us of more modest means.

So i have this one that is sorta odd, its the typical 38 spl. 5" lanyard, but its not military marked, no USN, etc. best my research could tell was post office of all things, but not really much of a collector. As it happens i just also have a model 10 that i picked up at a gun show, cause it was a good price, and had been parkerized, victory grips, but no lanyard. These are guns i have stashed around the house as part of our own personal defence, high enough that the gkids can't get them, and in the right place for Gloria or i should the need arise. NOW!!

I have always liked the idea of having a "brace" of pistols.. something about the idea of two matching pieces, that for what ever odd reason i really like.. So these two are going to be refinished by greasy as a matching set.. thier both the thin bbl so Greasy will either buy a new 5" for the 4 or maybe cut both down to 3.. Leaning towards the 3 as im thinking these will be carry, but this will be decided as much on cost as any thing else. They will both have lanyards and matching grips (im doing the grips so cross your fingers) Greasy will be doing action work on both at the same time, so if it all works out I will have a "hi bred" set or "brace" of matching smoth action, matte blued, lanyard ringed Smiths. Hoping that this can be sent to Washington to next month.. So am i excited... YEP !!!


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Well i screwed it up, but if ya hit the red X it will open and you can see the picuture of the matte blue im talking about...sheesh..

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this will be a fun one for me since i usually only refinish revolvers to original.i have wanted to do custom work on them for awhile.i posted two other examples of my matte bluing for you to see.

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Nice Job looks

really nice

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