A bit of Utah/Mormon history

A bit of Utah/Mormon history

An original Colt Dragoon cut down to make it easily concealed. The Colt Army when cut to this configuration was often called an "Avenging Angel" and popular with Porter Rockwell's pals enforcing law in the early days of Utah. Porter Rockwell was a lifelong friend and self appointed bodyguard of Joseph Smith. Some People referred to him as Joseph's avenging angel or the Mormon avenging angel. He was fond of carrying pistols similar to this one in his jacket pocket and was also known to hide a sawed-off shotgun under his coat. Joseph smith once told Porter, in a prophecy, that no bullet or blade would ever harm him so long as he remained faithful, he also said that Porter should not cut his hair or shave his face. Porter died years later of natural causes having never been harmed by his enemies. He was often accused of being a murderer and was even accused of attempting to assasinate Gov. Liburn Boggs, who signed an executive order calling for the extermination or eviction of all Mormons in Missouri. There was insufficient evidence to convict him. When Joseph Smith was asked about the attampt he said words to the affect that it could have not been Porter because Boggs survived. When adressing a large crowd in Utah Vice Presiden Schuyler (hope I spelt that rite) expressed his outrage at the fact that the killer, Rockwell, was allowed to walk the streets. Rockwell then stood up and shouted "I never killed anyone who didn't need killing." It is extremely diffucult to separate the facts from the myths and legends about Porter, since he was illiterate and therefore kept no journal, though there are rumors of an autobiography existing it has never been found. He was a famed mountain man, a gunfighter, a protector, a religious enforcer, and even a deputy U.S. marshall. In case you haven't already figured it out I really look up to this guy and IMHO we need a lot more people like him around today. I highly reccomend getting a copy of the documentary, Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell, for anyone who's interested in learning more, it seems to me to represent the most accurate and unbiased accounts of his life. Some of what I wrote here is from that DVD, the rest from what I've learned over the years. My apologies for the long post, Just thought I'd share some things I've been thinkin about lately.


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I am a Mormon by birth, though I do not practice...(just can't buy into that shit)...anywhoo....John Browning was a Mormon (convert?) as well, and look at his contributions to our world, the man is a Saint as far as I am concerned.

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