Bloodhound Beck, Hot on the Trail of the Apollo Alliance

Bloodhound Beck, Hot on the Trail of the Apollo Alliance

Bloodhound Beck
Hot on the Trail of the Apollo Alliance American Patrol Report -- August 22

Our hats are off to Glenn Beck. He has done a magnificent job of assembling more pieces of the Obama puzzle than we thought possible. His recent exposure of the Apollo Alliance, with the help of Phil Kerpin, is earth shaking.
Kerpin says the Apollo Alliance links the SEIU, ACORN, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, etc., to access big foundation money. "Van Jones, the self-described communist... described the Apollo Alliance mission as a sort of grand unified field theory for progressive left causes that ties all these things together," Kerpin said.
"I have been tracking SEIU, SPLC and the Sierra Club for fifteen years," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report. "I knew they were subversive, but I didn't think they would be so bold as to form an alliance of socialists to destroy the country out in the open."
Beck will focus on the subversive groups all next week.
Watch Beck segments on DNC attacks on Americans...

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See Bloodhound Beck, there are 3 video clips to watch...

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PBR Driver

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You know

that Glen Beck is doing a great job when so many in the media and others on the left try to belittle him.
The old tactic, do not engage on the facts, attack the messenger.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. If you do not love the CONSTITUTION AS IT IS WRITTEN then you are free to leave MY COUNTRY at this time.
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