Blues City Cafe on Beale St in Memphis. Best Ribs in the world, bar none!

Blues City Cafe on Beale St in Memphis. Best Ribs in the world, bar none!

Blues City Cafe opened in March of 1991 under the name of "Doe's Eat Place". Doe's was originated in Greenville Mississippi by owners Charles and Dominic (Doe) Signa. George Eldridge was brought in as the owner in Memphis and ran Doe's for 2 years during a push for business in downtown Memphis, particularly Beale Street. In the early 90's, Blues City Cafe developed a menu and consistent items that would work for the Memphis and Beale Street locals, tourists, etc. Ribs became the focal point, as they are today, and other items were added over the years, such as our steaks, catfish and tamales. In October of 1993, investors bought Doe's and changed the name to Blues City Cafe. Many of the same faces that were with Doe's in the early 90's remain at Blues City Cafe today. Ty Agee and Jerry Bean for example, their consistency and constant drive to better our food quality and speed of service have made Blues City Cafe what it is today, The #1 business at the #1 tourist attraction in Tennessee.
Over the years we have had many special musical guests in our music venue at Blues City Cafe called the Band Box. Below is a list of just some of the musicians that have graced our stage:

Rufus Thomas
BB King
Ollie Nightengale
Jerry Lee Lewis
Albert King
Little Jimmy King
Reverend Al Green
Hank Williams JR
Sam Phillips
Ike Turner
The Cate Brothers
Kid Rock
Jim Dandy
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Ivan Neville
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
Keanu Reeves & Dogstar
Levon Helm
Memphis Horn - Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love
Timmy King
Denise Lasalle
Booker T. Laury
Phoebe Lewis
The Masqueradors
Willie Mitchell
The Hi Rhythm Section Courtney Love
Queen Latifah
R. Kelly
David Porter
R.L. Burnsides
Savory Brown
Smashing Pumpkins
Charlie Musselwhite
Carla Thomas
Marvell Thomas
Charlie Watts
Jack White
Jason D. Williams
Leon Wilkeson & Lynrd Skynrd
The Dempseys
Free World
Earl The Pearl
Little G Weevil
Miss Zeno
American Hi Fi
Los Lonely Boys
Mark DeCarlo
Richie Havens
Big Jack Johnson

Here at Blues City Cafe we have had many interesting visitors, from the famous to the infamous, actors, politicians, musicians, authors, and sports figures. Here is a list of just a few of the famous that have enjoyed our eats:

President Bill Clinton
Robert Plant
Steve Cropper
Ben E. Keith
Trent Resnor
Buddy Guy
Jesse Jackson
Mayor Willie Herenton
Mayor A C Wharton
Mayor Jim Rout
Rep. John Ford
Rep. Harold Ford Sr.
Rep. Harold Ford Jr.
Steve Cohen
Shelby Foote
The Amazing Rhythm Aces
Garrison Kellier
Brent Humes
Jim Jarmurch
Milos Furman
Sydney Pollack
Keith Carradine
Carol Channing
Dave Chapelle Jimmy Paige
Duck Dunn
Alice Cooper
Little Milton
Al Franken
Tom Cruise
Wilford Brimley
Robert Duvall
Robert DeNiro
Woody Harrelson
George Hamilton
Elizabeth Hurley
James Gandolfini
James Earl Jones
Ed Harris
Nicole Richie
Diane Ladd
Conan O'Brien
Steven Seagall
Jerry Seinfeld
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Bill Murray
Samuel L. Jackson
Jerry West
Too many players from the NBA to mention

Watch for our features on the Bobby Flay Show on the Food Network and on A Taste of America on the Travel Channel. Publications such as Bon Apetite Magazine and PS Magazine have featured our foods as well.
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