Bobby Hamilton Jr. in dispute involving a gun at his short track

Bobby Hamilton Jr. in dispute involving a gun at his short track

By Nick Bromberg

NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton Jr. was in the middle of an incident at one of the short tracks that he owns in Millersville, Tenn., Saturday night, and the people on the other side of the argument say that Hamilton pulled a gun on them at the Highland Rim Speedway.

From WSMV-TV in Nashville:

Anthony Walker had entered a super stock car in the race. Walker and Scott Thompson, a member of his crew, said they got into a heated argument with Hamilton, who runs the track, about whether their car was the proper weight. They said Hamilton disqualified them from the race, and Walker and Thompson wanted a refund of their entry fee.

That's when, Thompson said, Hamilton pulled a gun out of his back pocket.

"He cocked it back and started waving it around, saying, 'I'll pop it. I'll pop it. I'll pop it,'” Thompson said. "I've never had a gun pointed at me, and I definitely didn't like it."

After last racing full-time in the Nationwide Series in 2008, Hamilton Jr. has been busy buying and operating short tracks in his home state of Tennessee. His father, Bobby Hamilton, won the 2004 Camping World Truck Series championship and passed away from neck cancer in 2007.

Hamilton Jr. has a different take on what happened Saturday night. He said that he went back to give the team a refund and was surrounded after they followed him.

He said he felt threatened when he saw the men reach into their pockets. Hamilton said he saw that the men had pocket knives. Thompson said no one had knives or guns.

Hamilton said he was well within his legal rights.

"I kept watching their hands, watching their gestures. They kept getting more frustrated, about the time their hands go in their pockets, about the time they were coming out, they charged, and that's when I said, ‘Not today, not today,’" Hamilton said.

However, what Hamilton told WSMV was different from what he said in the police statement. Hamilton told the TV station that he didn't remove the gun from his pocket, while he admitted to doing so in the statement.

The Millersville Police Chief said that there won't be any charges filed because of the dispute, and that if either party wants to pursue the issue, it would have to be taken up with the commissioner.

Hamilton Jr. raced in six Truck Series races in 2010 with Rick Ware Racing and last raced in the Sprint Cup Series in 2005 with Cal Wells in the Tide car.

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7 years 1 week ago, 5:39 PM


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You know some short track drivers. What would you have done? In Tenn no less.
Go Bobby!

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
7 years 1 week ago, 5:40 PM


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I with Bobby on this...

7 years 1 week ago, 6:02 PM


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Dunno, not enough

info.....Story changed from the LE report (that raises an eyebrow) but LE is okay with it, however...........If a bunch of dudes surround me in a potentially threatening manner, you can bet your ass that Uncle Walther is about a gnats ass away from seeing the light of day.

I have spent plenty of time around gear heads/racers and they can be a 'hot headed' bunch and many disagreements result in someone being 'removed' from the track. It is a very passionate sport just like us gun enthusiasts......I'm with Bobby 'till further notice!

Change you can truly believe in comes from the barrel of a gun---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ron Paul 2012----Vote the bastards out!---------------------------------
7 years 1 week ago, 10:11 PM


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tempers do flair. They tried to run me off the road in Petaluma, Ca whilst towing home my race car after a race. I did stuff their fair haired local hero champion into the wall after he bumped me 3 times going into the turn. I let him by, then gave hime the ride of his life. I behind pushing and my partner on his side we put him through the wall in the first turn. Oh well, nobody said I played nice with others...

5 years 36 weeks ago, 10:09 AM


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Short track racing

No way these guys are veteran short track drivers. I mean, they said they'd never had a gun pointed at them before? LOL, NooBS!

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Posted by: samD
7 years 1 week ago

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