On the Border with Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol

On the Border with Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol

by Jim Kelley on Jul. 25, 2010, under Politics, Technology

Glenn Spencer American Border Patrol
Glenn Spencer is president of American Border Patrol. He founded the organization in 2002.

Glenn was born and raised in California. He holds a bachelors degree in economics and mathematics. After college in the 60s he spent seven years doing Operations Research for a Washington DC Think Tank. His specialty was large-scale logistics simulations models. Problems he dealt with were similar in nature to the problems facing Border Patrol management.

In the 70s Glenn switched over to business management and was an officer of a publicly traded company in real estate and natural resource development. In the late 70s Glenn turned his attention to the energy problem and ran his own consulting company. One of his major accomplishments was the creation of a four-county joint powers organization for geothermal energy development. The counties were Lake, Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino, in northern California.

In 1980 Glenn joined with two American Indian partners to form Arrowstar, Inc., an Indian-owned seismic oil exploration company. As Vice President and General Manager, Glenn steered the company to successful relationships with ARCO, Chevron, Texaco and other oil companies. Arrowstar was successful in finding major oil deposits in Montana and North Dakota and, at the time, was the second largest employer of American Indians in the U.S.

As oil exploration in the U.S. wound down, Glenn returned to California where he turned his talents to the use of computers for law firms engaged in groundwater related litigation. While doing this, he produced hundreds of illustrations for a textbook on groundwater development published by Wiley.

In the late 80s saw the tremendous changes happening to California and Los Angeles and turned his attention to the problem of illegal immigration. In 1992 he retired from his business life to pay full attention to the problem. After ten years of activism, including advocating for Proposition 187 in California, he moved to Arizona to launch American Border Patrol. The purpose was to get the government to build a fence along the border similar to that found in San Diego.
This Saturday, I spent most of the day with Glenn Spencer, the president of the American Border Patrol and the publisher of americanpatrol.com. Mr. Spencer is an admittedly controversial figure who has been characterized by many pro-amnesty and pro-open borders groups as a nativist. Amongst his peers, he is given the highest amount of respect and credibility of any of the players in the Secure the Border movement.

One of the reasons he is given such high credibility is he brings a systems analyst’s approach to the collection of raw intelligence about what is happening at the border and specifically the Arizona border. Using high resolution thermal imaging technology, computer modeling of data, and a non political approach, he has been able to present

one of the clearest pictures of the realities of illegal entry into the United States from Mexico.

Using his sprawling 104 acre spread as a base of operations, Mr. Spencer employs three different types of aircraft, a Cessna TU-206, a Challenger II Sportcraft and an ultra light. He also uses a UAV. He also has numerous cameras posted on towers throughout the property and a ground censor system in development that can count crossers and identify their “signature” much like sonar signatures on submarines. This technological base is tended by a number experienced technicians all brought together systematically by Mr. Spencer.

My question is why you, Glenn? This is a duplication of effort is it not? Is not the government employing the same tactical intelligence collection? His answer is, not. “I have called Border Patrol and they have told me they have people and resources on the ground, when I fly over where they say those people are they are not there. SBInet was a boondoggle of epic proportions that does not work. The bureaucracy of border security in the United States does not want to acknowledge the scale of the problem and use the politics of who ever happen to be in power at the time to justify what is not being done.”

Single layer Border Fence with flags
One of his biggest gripes is the border fence. “It was appropriated for 700 miles of double reinforced fence by the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Does that look like double fence to you?” He pointed at the single layer fence. We jumped on a couple of quads and he led me down to the very edge of his property and right in front of me is “the fence”. Spencer has a number of banners on the side of the dirt trail leading to the fence quoting Robert Frost “Good Fences make Good Neighbors” and Ronald Reagan “A nation without borders is not a nation”.

Attached to the fence are American flags each one with a handwritten message from the donor of the flag. ‘ I started doing this every 4th of July, it started out as only about a thousand flags, we are up to 15,000 now”.

Upon returning to the main facility he led me to the project area. There, computer chips are being manufactured coded to detect the signature of crossers. I saw the ultra light and the UAVs he employs in his data collection. This is the kind of operation from which genius usually springs.

We talked a great deal about the eighteen year history that Glenn has with this issue. ‘One day I wanted to see what would happen if I pushed the issue just a little; the result was hundreds of thousands of illegals pushing back. That pushback by the open borders organizations and the fifth column groups like Voz de Aztlan and La Raza, MEChA and Derechos de Humanos told me the problem is a lot bigger than anyone wanted to admit.”

Glenn pulled up the logo for Coalicion de Derechos Humanos. “Look at the picture of the face on the left hand side that surrounds the eye. What do you see?” There it was plain as day. I saw a map that runs from California through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and all of Mexico. It is it is the map of the fabled Aztlan. “Reconquista de Aztlan is real. Part of being a patriot is not just when it’s convenient or fun on the fourth of July, it isn’t just for the men and women who serve

or have served in the military, and sometimes it is simply telling the truth about your enemy.”

No matter what has ever been said about Glenn Spencer, I don’t think his sincerity can ever be questioned. He has invested all of his time, talent and income to this issue of Border Security. He is doing a job that should be duplicated

all along the 1,951 mile border. There should be 20- 30 Spencer like operations at full manpower and resource doing what he does. If the United States government is doing it, there is no credible evidence that it is happening. The resource management at DHS is sort of like what has happened to our public school system; the lion’s share of the appropriations is going to administrators and not getting into the classroom. In the case of the border, it isn’t getting to the problem. Take it from a systems analyst that knows, Glenn Spencer.

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