A bright white SUV next to "camo"? You can't be serious.

A bright white SUV next to "camo"? You can't be serious.

Sasabe Silliness
National Guard Exposes Itself Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- November 20

Yesterday I flew a mission for American Border Patrol to try to spot evidence of the National Guard on the border in the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge. It wasn't hard to do. As with elsewhere along the border, it was just a matter of finding an unmarked bright white SUV next to a camouflaged tent.
We located two guard stations - and one possible - north of Sasabe, Arizona. One had two SUVs and the other just one. At a third we could spot only an SUV and porta-potties.
The guard stations showed no evidence of special equipment for spotting illegal border crossers, without which they are no better than the Minutemen and their lawn chairs. In one photo we show one of the guard stations and a nearby SBInet camera tower. A close look suggests that the surrounding terrain and brush and trees could hide any number of illegal aliens from these prying eyes.
There was plenty of evidence of the U.S. Border Patrol, including a BP helicopter that appeared to be involved in an active hunt.
Last night a group of citizen volunteers operating in the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge spotted nine illegal aliens who had gotten past all of this stuff. They reported them to the U.S. Border Patrol who made the apprehension.
All of this sound, fury and silliness is happening because our government refuses to construct a proper fence along the border.

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