Bubba & Leroy put on a safety class.

Bubba & Leroy put on a safety class.

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UPI reports today...

UPI.. Podunk NC..

Podunk Sheriff Lamar Limbless confirmed today that his deputy sheriff, Leroy Limbless would be unavailable for comment about the accidental shooting last Tuesday at the Podunk junior HS..

Sheriff Limbless stated that Leroy, who he is "pretty sure" is not a relative, was expected to make a full recovery, but would need a few more weeks of physical therapy before answering any questions relating to his accidental shooting by Podunk's Mayor, and game warden Bubba Limbless..

Details of the accident remain sketchy, but Mayor Limbless (who also claims no relation to the other men) believes the accident was caused by Lamar putting his face in front of Bubbas rifle just as Bertha Limbless (a Podunk Junior high cheerleader) was demonstrating one of the new cheer-leading routines.. It is not known if Bertha is related to either of the other gentlemen..

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