Buckshot From a Rifled Barrel by Survival Blog

Buckshot From a Rifled Barrel by Survival Blog

The first test of the day was buckshot from a rifled “slug barrel”. Not having a rifled barrel for the test I had to call on a friend that was more than willing to help me out in this area. Sure buckshot will work and function just fine with the rifled barrel but how will it affect the pattern being thrown?

I fired five rounds of #4 buck at a the center of a three foot X two foot wide piece of cardboard from thirty feet. The #4 buck has 24 pellets per round so that's 120 pellets thrown at the target, but how many actually made a hole in the paper and how many went past without effect?

Out of the one hundred twenty pellets only thirty six hit the target. At this distance the shot pattern should have been center of mass, but with the rifled barrel it was allover the target and the bulk of the shot completely missing the target.

Conclusion; the rifled barrel does indeed have a major effect on shot pattern or lack of one.

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Good to know

Thanks, SamD, for the graphic demonstration.

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