Cabela's California Customers - California Assembly Bill 962 - calif is screwed on ammo now!

Cabela's California Customers - California Assembly Bill 962 - calif is screwed on ammo now!

To: Cabela's California Customers
From: Cabela's Communications
Subject: California Assembly Bill 962
Date: Sept. 22, 2009

We are writing to inform you of pending legislation that will restrict purchases of handgun ammunition in California and will terminate our ability to service your needs for certain products.

On Friday, Sept. 11, the California Assembly passed Assembly Bill 962, by a 44-31 vote.

Among other regulations, AB 962 would:

• Ban all mail-order and Internet sales of handgun ammunition.
• Prohibit the retail sale, the offer for sale or the display of handgun ammunition in a
manner that allows ammunition to be accessible to a purchaser without assistance of a
vendor or employee.
• Require that the delivery or transfer of ownership of handgun ammunition occur in a
face-to-face transaction, with the deliverer or transferor being provided bona fide
evidence of identity of the purchaser or other transferee.

That evidence of identity, which must be legibly recorded at the time of delivery, includes:

• The right thumbprint of the purchaser or transferee.
• The date of the sale or other transaction.
• The purchaser's or transferee's driver's license or other identification number and the
state in which it was issued.
• The brand, type and amount of ammunition sold or otherwise transferred.
• The purchaser's or transferee's signature.
• The name of the salesperson who processed the sale or other transaction.
• The purchaser's or transferee's full residential address and telephone number.
• The purchaser's or transferee's date of birth.

The bill is on the desk of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, where it awaits his consideration. He will have until Oct. 11 to sign or veto the bill. If he does not veto the bill, it will become law.

If you wish to comment on AB 962, you may contact Gov. Schwarzenegger by phone at (916) 445-2841, or via fax at (916) 558-3160. To e-mail Gov. Schwarzenegger, visit

We encourage all Cabela's customers who participate in the shooting sports to contact Gov. Schwarzenegger to voice their opposition to this initiative, which will limit your opportunities to shop with Cabela's, and will restrict the sale of handgun ammunition everywhere in California.

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8 years 30 weeks ago, 10:59 PM


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May 2009
Somewhere in, Texas
only in kali

that state is some kinda f'ed up. [kisses the ground] god bless texas

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8 years 30 weeks ago, 6:40 PM


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Fuck this state

But, the people allow it to happen.

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8 years 30 weeks ago, 7:08 PM


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I have had it, I'm scheduling myself a move out of this state. I'm done. I didn't know anything about a bill going through. I am so tired of special interest groups controlling our politicians and pushing through legislation without our knowledge. I'm done.

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8 years 30 weeks ago, 3:56 PM


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Ford look familiar?


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Posted by: samD
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