Casper Wyoming Cannon Shoot

Casper Wyoming Cannon Shoot

For the enthusiast who enjoys long range live fire

of wheeled or platformed antique, historical,

collectable curios and replica ordnance

June 19th and 20th


18th Annual Cannon Shoot

For Info: Dan McClenahan 307-267-2636

Email: [email protected]

Casper Cannon Club

Blackpowder Muzzleloaders Only

All guns must pass inspection before firing


Entry fees will be $20 if paid prior to June 1st ($40 after June 1st) for the gun position. Each crewmember will be assessed $5 at registration and does not need to be paid in advance. Every participant must sign the club membership roster and liability waiver to be on the active firing line. Souvenir buttons will be issued to participant signees and must be worn while on the firing line.

Crewmembers will be asked to help with the target setup. Bring a battery-powered screwdriver and stapler. Most of the competition targets will be sheetrock and held by screws. In order to keep the range open as much as possible, time consuming lead retrieval will be allowed only at the end of the shoot.

A concessionaire will be serving food and drinks on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a bring your own meat bar-b-que for participants on Saturday evening. The annual meeting will be held after supper.

Volunteers do all of the effort for this event, we have no payroll. There is a tremendous amount of last minute preparation that must be done immediately before the shoot and all help is greatly appreciated. If you can arrive early and stay late, your help is needed.

Each mortar contestant adds $10 to the pot every year. The mortar category will divide the unmodified bowling balls into a separate class. The prizes in the cannon categories are still under discussion and hopefully meet everybody’s expectations. Souvenir ball caps will be ordered.

R.S.V.P. Let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend so we can make preparations. To reserve your spot, make remittance payable to the:

Casper Cannon Club, 8300 W. Big Sky Drive, Casper, Wyoming 82604

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That's awesome

I have never fired anything like this, but would love to try it.

Patrolman Kato
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