Castro Vehicle Breaks Down

Castro Vehicle Breaks Down

A fitting final metaphor for Fidel Castro’s puppet Soviet regime:
The Russian UAZ-469 light utility vehicle hauling Castro’s corpse in the state funeral procession experienced engine failure and had to be pushed by soldiers along the “Caravan of Liberty.” That was the ironic name Castro’s communist guerrillas gave their 1959 march from Santiago to Havana to topple the Batista government.
By the way, all the mainstream media are referring to this vehicle as a “Jeep.” Cease and desist! Jeeps were the primary light four-wheel drive vehicle used by the U.S. Army and our allies in World War II, Korea and Vietnam and are now a popular SUV. That broken-down piece of socialist junk pulling Castro’s carcass is not a Jeep!
And while we’re on the subject of hogwash, Fidel’s brother Raul declared, “The leader of the revolution rejected any manifestation of a cult of personality and was consistent in that through the last hours of his life, insisting that, once dead, his name and likeness would never be used on institutions, streets, parks or other public sites, and that busts, statues or other forms of tribute would never be erected.”
And why should he? He’s got plenty of help in the media’s cult of propaganda.

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