Checking it twice too...

Checking it twice too...

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Santa Clause is a commin!! And Hope and Change is comin with Him. Gonna visit Reid, Palosi, Shumer, Dodd!! All the Anti-Americans.

Yes, the Hope and Change Commity is bringin the Second Amendent with them. Show up Locked en' loaded.

I wander what would happin if Americans filled the House of Reps. packed it , no standing room.
Everybody calm, quite, all armed.
Would they then Hear Americans?
One spokesman, Our Agenda: Close Boarders, Stay out ofHealth Care, Give back GM let them fail, Let the Banks go under, but stand behind FDIC, oh yea, Government stay out of our affairs! Cut Taxes by 1/3, bring back over seas businesses, and START DRILLING!!

I'm not Raceist, I hate his white half Also!

Lyle Hutchinson
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8 years 14 weeks ago

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