Chicago Cops think they are above the law.

Chicago Cops think they are above the law.

A head emergency room nurse at Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital has sued the city and a Chicago Police officer for handcuffing her and putting her in the back of a squad car during a dispute over drawing blood from a suspected drunken driver.

Lisa Hofstra said she was the “charge nurse” in the emergency room on Aug. 1 when the officer approached her at about 4 a.m. The officer requested she perform a blood work-up on a DUI suspect, the lawsuit said.

Hofstra told the officer the suspect needed to be admitted to the hospital before she could draw the person’s blood. Hofstra said she told a police lieutenant that it was the hospital’s protocol to wait until a suspect was admitted, and the lieutenant agreed, she said.

The lieutenant left the emergency room.

Then Hofstra called her supervisors, but before they could respond, the officer put her in handcuffs in front of her co-workers and escorted her to a squad car, according to the lawsuit.

“I in no way intended to block this police officer’s ability to do his job,” she said in a news conference today. “He went about it in the wrong way. ... I would like him to be reprimanded.”

Hofstra said she filed her lawsuit in federal court last month in an effort to have the officer punished for violating her rights.

She was in the car for about 45 minutes before the situation was resolved, Hofstra said. The cuffs were too tight, requiring treatment in the hospital after she was released from custody, she said.

A security video of the incident shows the officer smiling outside the squad car as Hofstra sat inside.

“He feels comfortable about smiling when he just illegally arrested someone,” said Hofstra’s attorney Blake Horwitz. “He is enjoying his power.”

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident. Hofstra said the authority’s investigators have been interviewing witnesses to the incident.

No police report was filed, and no charges were filed, Horwitz said. But he characterized his client as being wrongly arrested.

The lawsuit, filed Aug. 25, gives only a last name for the officer. Roderick Drew, a spokesman for the police department, said he was prohibited from identifying the officer under union rules.

Hofstra said she normally has a good relationship with police officers at the hospital, where she’s been an emergency room nurse since November 2008.

Hofstra said it was a major problem for her to be removed from the emergency room at a time when there were numerous patients suffering from “bad trauma.”

She was responsible for triage — the process of deciding which patients need the most urgent attention.

“If this officer is treating me the way he treated me, what is he going to do to people on the street?” Hofstra said, adding that she filed her lawsuit to “stand up for nurses.”

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bad cops
bad doctors
bad attorneys
bad truckers
bad senators
bad congressmen
bad Presidents

I have reasons for the things I do, just don't expect them to be reasonable
8 years 30 weeks ago, 10:01 AM


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we be's nots havin a bad prezzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ron Paul 2012 III
8 years 30 weeks ago, 6:55 PM


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bad cops than good. I still think the majority of cops get in that line of work because they were picked on and bullied as kids, so they want the respect and authority that the badge brings them. That's why so many cops keel over and die when they meet a true hardass on the street who takes the fight to them rather than runs away. Because they are victims at heart and aren't prepared for a real fight. But nurses are easy to push around, I suppose.

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8 years 22 weeks ago, 9:59 PM


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It doesn't take long for the God complex to kick in I'm afraid. You may be right.

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8 years 28 weeks ago, 12:08 AM


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that would bitch slap that cop and make him wet his pants. They would laugh at his handcuffs and then whip out a pair of their own. Hardcore chicks. Man, I am getting turned on.

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8 years 22 weeks ago, 3:27 AM

william Lammers

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Didn't know stupidity was a required area of study to become an Officer of the law...add that to a heavy dose of ego and you get a genuine dumb ass!...and all this lady wants is for the idiot, is to be reprimanded. Classy Lady, and a Cop that's SHADY.

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8 years 13 weeks ago, 3:17 PM


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Honestly man you better not get pulled over by either of my brothers...Delaware or PA, because with attitude you will get just treatment. My brother in DE had Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton after him a few years ago because of an arrest incident...there are a bunch of shitheads though, they even complain about them all the time! I can also promise that nobody picked on either of my brothers, and my younger brother was the one always getting kicked out of school/events/games etc for fighting.

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