Christopher Columbus tomb

Christopher Columbus tomb

i know this has nothing to do with guns, but it does have to do with our great country. this is me standing by Columbus's tomb in Seville, Spain.
BTW, that is the largest cathedral in Spain, and his son Diego is actually buried in the floor about 100 yards from there

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I was reading in the Native Times an artical. It was Columbus Day. One Native Writer said he should go to Itily, get off the airplain, and announce, I HAVE DISCOVERED ITILY!!!!! Indigious People have a big problem with White Man History books claiming to have discovered a land that has been inhabbited for many centuries. I have sat in on several Trible meetings while working for the Cherokee Nation. Some get really PISSED. The Acoma's (The Sky People) West of Albuquerque, is the only People who havn't moved or ceased living their since day one.
Well how did I mannage to ramble so damn much? My wife tells me about it allways, my applogys for it.

My applogises, FreedomMilitaria

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