Cochise County Militia - Cutting Ties

Cochise County Militia - Cutting Ties

Effective this date at 1800 hours, the Cochise County Militia is cutting ties with AZDPS, namely the Sierra Vista State Police......and the Tombstone Marshal's Office after 10 years of cooperation. I found we get no cooperation back, only remarks. They high-five each other over a parking ticket and think they are real.

Most of them were sitting in their own shit when I was a Federal Agent! That includes the loud-mouth pepper-belly Sheriff in Santa Cruz who doesn't want me hurt if I get in the middle of a gunfight between him and an illegal. I hold every possible combat tactical record with a rifle, shotgun and pistol in the last 35 years. He doesn't phase me in the least!

We will continue to cooperate with the CCSO and Sheriff Larry Dever, the BLM Rangers and of course the USBP.

You people coming in to town for 7/3-7/6 watch where you park - NO RED CURBS!
Watch for tourist foot traffic - keep your speed down in town and on Rt. 80.

Because I asked for two favors to make our job easier and got denied on one and brushed off on the other, we don't want them taking it out on you.

NEWS MEDIA: you have my permission to publish this!

Bill Davis, CCM
POB 99
1475 N. Hwy. 80
Tombstone, AZ

edSFC, AUS, 1957-'66

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uh-oh..somebody got

their feelings hurt

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