Colt Python

Colt Python

Just trying to upload pix, and find out what works these are .jpg files, but, have been having trouble with seeing them, any help or advice would be appericated! and how do you delete the crap that dosn't work I'm sure there are a few pissed of people when the look at pix and there's nothing there!

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5 years 10 weeks ago

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Sig P290
cz beauty gun
P99as 9mm Full Size
1911 Motivational (For Saint J.M. Browning)
Springfield Armory M1911A1 GI Model
Gun Made in Slovenia II
After work
target shooting
Solo Carry 9mm Comparison to PM9
Gen. Patton's Revolvers
Shot Show 2011
GLOCK 19 for Croatian police
44 AutoMAG
S&W 1911 in action II
Sergei Reznov!
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