The Cost of Illegal Immigration

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Budget Fiasco Wreaks Most Harm On Poorest L.A. Schools, Class Says

A federal class action claims that public school students in Los Angeles are denied the basic education guaranteed by the California Constitution as the district plans to lay off thousands of teachers. Due to California's budget fiasco, the state expects to send out 14,000 reduction-in-force notices to teachers this spring -- nearly 5 percent of the teaching force -- despite its rank as 46th in the nation in per-pupil spending. Students at Samuel Gompers [no White students], John H. Liechty [5 White] , and Edwin Markham Middle Schools [3 White], in the city's poorest areas, with the highest concentration of minorities, were hit the hardest, according to the Superior Court complaint. Already "denied the basic educational opportunity guaranteed them by the California Constitution," according the complaint. Those schools expect to lose or already have lost 50 to 70 percent or more of their teachers.

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