Couple of my CZ's

Couple of my CZ's

CZ 75b IPSC drilled and tapped at CZ for IPSC competition shooting, I've the red dot mount in the box and the c-more dot, 1986 vintage. did an action and trigger job on this after my older brother gave it to me, 19 round mag with +2 extension..

CZ SP-01 smithed to Target spec's by myself with Night Sights, 1 - 1 1/2 pound trigger, 19 round mag with +2 extension.

CZ P-01 compact Decocker model, did an action and trigger job on this with a full internal polishing of rails and all components. 3 pound trigger with a 15 round magazine modified to hold 17 rounds. ( just a spring, follower and base added (all factory parts) 2 extra rounds)

All 9 millimeter Lugar pistols.

I also have the CZ 40P and CZ RAMI 40.

more in the future...

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I need

one or two myself,damn addiction.

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