Custom Saiga Shotguns

Custom Saiga Shotguns

Custom Saiga Shotguns

About the Saiga Shotgun Project:

In 2008, Hatcher Gun Company wanted to offer a truly custom Saiga to our customers. Before production began we had to ensure that our Saiga would work properly with cheap light 2-3/4" loads all the way up to the 3" magnums.

We wanted our Saiga to appeal to the avid gunman and be fully customizable with several high quality accessories. We weren’t interested in cheap parts such as collapsible stocks that failed when the gun fires. It had to be a quality gun.

In designing our Saiga we found that by placing the cocking handle on the left side (for right hand shooters) it allowed the shooter to operate the gun without the need to dismount the gun from the shoulder and reach over the top and forward to get to the cocking handle. This way the trigger hand never has to leave the grip. Additional advantages are faster magazine changes and quicker target acquisition.

The gas system in all our Saiga's is reworked and improved to allow for flawless function with light loads. All guns are test fired with 25rds. of Estate 12ga. 2-3/4" 1 oz. 7-1/2 shot. This means the gun has to fire 25 rounds consecutively before it can leave our shop.


Modify Gas System for Light 2-3/4" Loads (1oz. 7-1/2 Shot)
RAA Saiga-12 12ga. 2-3/4 - 3" 19" Shotgun w/ Factory 5rd. Magazine
Throat & Polish Feed Ramp Chaos Extended Quad-Rail Forend
Remove Existing Right Side Cocking Lever HGC Extended Left Side Cocking Knob
Modify Bolt for Left Side Cocking Knob HGC Extended SS Gas Piston
Machine Top Cover for Left Side Cocking Lever CAA Collapsible Stock w/ Aluminum Tube
Install New Fire Control Internals CAA Adj. Cheek Rest
Install & Fit Tri Rail Forend CAA Pistol Grip w/ Interchangeable Inserts
Fit & Install Low Profile Top Rail Talon Breacher / Brake (Points won't cut you)
Install Torx Screws in Blank Receiver Holes Leapers Vertical Front Grip
Machine & Fit Stock to Receiver (Allows stock to fully collapse) Tapco No-Slap Fire Control Internals
Install Trigger Guard Tromix Triggerguard
Install Pistol Grip Black Nylon Case
Install Flash Suppressor
Fit Magazines to Action
Black Teflon-Moly Finish Entire Gun
Test Fire for Feed & Function

Price: $1898.00 (Does not include Optional High Capacity Drum, Magazines, Mag. Clamps, Sights or Optics).

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A bit pricey!

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