This Day In History

This Day In History

Missouri Issues the "Extermination Order" (1838)
Before trekking to Utah to found Salt Lake City, Mormons followed founder Joseph Smith in migrations from New York to Ohio to Missouri and finally Illinois, where Smith was killed by a mob in 1844. In Missouri, intolerance toward the Mormons' communal economy and belief system led to persecution and violence, culminating in skirmishes and Missouri Executive Order 44, issued by governor Lilburn Boggs (photo above, which called for the extermination of Mormons. The order was formally rescinded in what year?

1976 unbelievable, right?

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Extermination order

LDS (Mormons) are very much aware of this incident from our history.
It's totally different now. We lived in MO from 1981-1984, and experienced no prejudice whatsoever. The church was very active, and had a very good community.

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