Defiant in Death

Defiant in Death

Description: A stoic Officer Cadet, Gunther Billing is secured to a stake by U.S. Military Policemen in preperation for execution by firing-squad on Dec. 18, 1944. Moments later, he called out "Heil Hitler" as the lethal fusilade was fired. He had been caught posing as an American GI when he and two others were stopped at an American roadblock. Billing's was just one of 2,000 English speaking Germans who disguised themselves as American troops and wreaked havoc behind Allied lines.


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They were in a jeep. The reason they were caught was that they pulled up to the pump and said, "Petrol, please!" instead of just "Gas!"

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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intersting story

old guy I worked with a few years ago told me that during WW2 ( dont know the unit or whatever)but his dad got thrown in the brig after getting caught banging a colonels wife.three days later that unit deployed.that unit ended up being part of the Baatan Death March.old guy told me if his dad hadnt screwed around on his mother then his dad would have been in the march and he probably wouldnt be here now.I have no reason to doubt this story.Bob was a Vietnam vet who did 7 tours with the 864th engineers.he never said a word that was untrue to my knowledge.I checked many times.everyone else in the company called him Crusty Bob cause he was a mean,crusty son of a bitch.him and I got along great.I talk to him from time to time but cancer(he won) has really whipped his ass.

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