"Don't worry about your oath - I ignore mine, too"

"Don't worry about your oath - I ignore mine, too"

"Barack Obama's legacy is coming sharply into focus, four years early. He's out to transform 'a nation of laws,' once the pride of our Anglo-Saxon heritage and examplar to the world, into 'a nation of feelings.' ... Sonia Sotomayor is only one of the building blocks of the president's envisioned Mediocre Society. She's a perfect first nominee to the Supreme Court, 'untouchable' to anyone who risks looking at who she really is.... The president is the master of demographic politics, playing the race card in a way that no one else could. Miss Sotomayor was presented not as a jurist distinguished by learning and accomplishment, but first as a Latina, a woman of empathy and delicate sensibility. He's counting on male gallantry, if not male timidity, to carry the day. Robert Gibbs, the president's press agent, was an unapologetic intimidator, warning everyone to be 'exceedingly careful' in talking about her. Criticism of Miss Sotomayor is to be regarded as proof of racism, sexism and maybe even fascism. The headline in The Washington Post was typical: 'First Latina Picked for Supreme Court/GOP Faces Delicate Task in Opposition.' Criticize the little lady at your own risk. ... The danger is not that Republicans will be too tough, but not tough enough. Miss Sotomayor has a damning paper trail, and the Republicans have a responsibility to ask vigorous, even robust, questions. Mr. Obama has the votes to prevail no matter how she answers the questions, but the nation is entitled to know who the president is putting on the nation's highest court." --Washington Times editor emeritus Wesley Pruden

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the Washington Times was one of the nation's foremost liberal rags!!!! I must have confused it with the Washington Post.

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but he is editor emireitus, so I guess he was put out to pasture. This was in "The Patriot Post" I am quite sure that this would never grace the pages of the Washbag Times, they can't stand the truth...

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where the hell

does bam bam dig up all these dirtbags?

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