Downed officer recovery training

Downed officer recovery training

I focused very heavily on teaching my IPs things that made them feel better, but didn't necessarily make them more effective in a firefight. About 80% of my IPs in Rashad were at least passively supporting, if not active members of, the insurgent cells in the area, so I didn't teach them anything of value they could use against us later. The mattress in the background simulates a covered position.


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Ive heard this before, the we training the police who were actually insurgents thing.. Whats the scoop here, was there NO way of telling or keeping them from being trained and on the payroll while they were members of insurgent cells.. Could you trust any..and is (lots of q huh) it the same or better.. Just so wrong.

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make sure

that you are always behind them.

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are nearly impossible. And the police go home at night. Iraqi army has some insurgents also, but except for occassionally going on leave, they are confined to military bases where they can be monitored. There have been a few people I put my trust in. One was a translator in OIF 1. We nicknamed him Cowboy. This guy was former Special Republican Guard (Kinda like Iraqi Delta Force). He admitted to being one of the guys who would snatch an Iraqi dissident from his house in the middle of the night and deliver him to interior security forces. He said very few ever went home again. You could tell he didn't like talking about it, but orders were orders as he put it. As for trusting IPs, very few were trustworthy. The XO at this station was a good guy, but that's because he was a Shiite in a Sunni area, so he was happy with just staying in his office smoking and drinking tea.

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