Elcan specterCT Clip-on Thermal

Elcan specterCT Clip-on Thermal

The ELCAN SpecterCT model CT40 is a clip-on Thermal Night Vision Device that in a matter of seconds converts the user’s combat rifle optic into a
Thermal Weapon Sight
. The ELCAN SpecterCT CT40 instantly provides the user with a Thermal Sight picture without change in eye relief or weapon zero, allowing engagement of targets through darkness, smoke or fog. Because the user’s Daytime optic is unchanged, sight's settings and reticles remain identical.

ELCAN SpecterCT CT40 System
is built in the USA with ELCAN’s legendary ruggedness and is shock resistant and immersible. The ELCAN SpecterCT CT40 mounts directly on forward Mil-Std-1913 "Picatinny" rail and is an indispensable tool for armed Security Professionals.


* Thermal imaging day/night systems
* Simple attachment and operation
* Image brightness control
* Low battery indicator
* Power saver function
* Manual calibration
* Slient operation mode

Optical magnification 1x (unmagnified)
Field of view 7 degrees
FPA format 160 x 120
Display pitch 640 x 480 VGA
Detection range (moving man) >550 meters
Detection range (vehicle) >1000 meters
Operating temp. range -32°F to 160°F
Internal power 4 lithium CR 123A batteries
Rail attachment Mil-Std-1913 quick release lever
Weight (w/Batteries) 2.0 lb (0.9 kg)
Size 5.6 (L) x 3 (W) x 3.6 (H)
142 (L) x 76 (W) x 91 (H)
Environmental Meets MIL-STD-810F
Immersion 2 hours @ 33 feet
Weapons qualified M4, M16, M249, M240
Optical Sight compatibility ELCAN SpecterDR, ELCAN SpecterOS3.0, Trijicon ACOG 4x32

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Elcan specterCT Clip-on Thermal

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