Electoral College reform?

Electoral College reform?

In following with my previous electoral college map based on current poll figures, this map shows a completely different picture. These are GOP (red) vs. Democrat (Blue) areas of influence on a Congressional district level.

There are many that dislike the electoral college system, but there is a reason our founders chose this over popular vote. It was intended to prevent affluent and the aristocracy of the more populous regions from wielding power over the less populated agrarian regions. I argue it still has validity today. Just because the City of New York or Chicago has a majority of the state's population shouldn't mean they get to represent the entirety of the state.

The purpose here was representation by region in which regional interest is represented. Not individual interest and representation. Individual representation was only intended for the House of Representatives. This was a means of avoiding a tyranny of majority. So that it isn't two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

If there is an issue with the college, it is the winner-take-all approach almost all states use. There are many regions in California who have no representation for president or senate due to their lack of population. Conversely, there are many socialist regions in Texas w/o representation. That works out for me, but how can I believe in the Republic of our founders if I only care about the parts that work for me. Then I'm as bad as the left.

To explain the data below, the Obama/Romney EV on the left is 100% based on poll numbers at this point. The current polls, were they the election results, would have Obama beating Romney 332 to 206.

But an interesting thing happens if you alter this to a process in which a state awards its electoral votes as such:
The result of each congressional district awards an electoral vote to the winner of that district.
The two remaining votes that represent the Senators are awarded to the winner of the state-wide election result.

This results in Romney winning, based on the same polls, 288 to 250.

The other values are based on another experiment of mine. I personally think the representatives are too numerous and would like to see the number reduced to 200. The adjusted EV is based on this (roughly, the math didn't quite work out, but it's close). The benefit of this on the electoral college is that there is less a discrepancy between the small and large states as a state will always have at least 3.

I have an Excel worksheet with all the data. If you're interested, send me a PM.

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