email sent to me by my friend Larry flying the border.

email sent to me by my friend Larry flying the border.


There are a lot more BP on the border than in previous weeks.

I flew over to about 25 miles east of Douglas for the first time today. The BP got really excited, probably thinking they had a drug or money airplane in their sites. The BP around Naco are familiar with us and don't take much notice.

Glenn was on the ground taking pictures of the vehicle barrier for someone back east and while he was doing that a couple or future illegal's were walking about 20 feet on the Mexico side of the border. They probably holed up in the brush for the day just waiting for a good time to cross.

This was in the area that the Krentz killer probably crossed back into Mexico a couple of days ago.

Could use lot's of ammo, but don't have a long gun and my .357 won't do much good form altitude so maybe I'll just drop beer cans on them. Maybe they will get drunk and go back where they came from. LOL

Exciting job!


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