Family shot at, threatened by drug cartel in Tucson

Family shot at, threatened by drug cartel in Tucson

Dave Gibson

Due to the serious threat this family believes they now face, they have only agreed to speak to this reporter through an intermediary who is known to me and trusted. The family does not wish to reveal their name at this time but feels that speaking-out may provide them with their only defense at this point.

Last month, a man I will refer to as “Willie” took his 9-year-old son coyote hunting less than 10 miles southwest of Tucson, in a very rural area close to the San Xavier del Bac Mission which is located on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. As the two stood outside their vehicle gathering their gear, a truck pulled up a few yards in front of them.

Both the driver and passenger of this truck exited the vehicle and began staring at Willie, at first he thought they may simply be in this rather remote area for the same reason, until the passenger began shouting at he and his son in Spanish.

Willie does not speak Spanish and could not understand what the man was saying, but feeling uneasy, he told his son to get back inside their vehicle.

Then, he noticed the passenger reaching for something in his waistband…it was a pistol.

According to Willie, the gun misfired as he withdrew it, nearly hitting his cohort.

The two men did not see what Willie had in his hands, as the door of his truck blocked their view…It was an AR-15.

With the man taking aim at him, Willie opened fire, hitting their vehicle several times. The two quickly fled the scene.

Not anxious to see if the two may return, Willie jumped into the vehicle with his son and headed back for town. As they were driving along, they began to hear “popping” sounds coming from some distance behind them.

The two men in the truck were following them and shooting at them.

Willie floored the accelerator, but the shots continued. He raced to the top of a hill, turned his vehicle sideways and positioned his rifle on the hood of his truck and began firing back at them.

He said he “pumped round after round” (later discovered to be 12 rounds) into the grill of their truck until smoke began pouring from the vehicle. The men leaped from the now-stalled truck and ran off into the desert.

Willie called 911 and the Border Patrol reportedly showed up 45 minutes later. BP agents doused the smoldering truck with fire extinguishers and towed it away.

He says the Border Patrol told him “at least four times” to keep this incident quiet and do not talk about it to anyone. The reason given to him was reportedly “the cartel will come back and kill you.”

Fearing reprisals and understandably nervous for his family’s safety, Willie did just that…he kept quiet.

So, why is he speaking now?

Three weeks ago, a “sedan with darkened windows” began showing up outside the family’s home in Tucson. On two separate occasions, the family observed this vehicle positioned just a few doors down for about two hours each time.

Both times, they called the Pima County Sheriff’s Office and on both occasions, the vehicle left only moments before a deputy arrived (Indicating the individual(s) may have a police scanner in their vehicle.).

Also, rather than driving past the house, the vehicle in question backed down the street both times. Perhaps, as not to allow the family to see their license plate number (Arizona only requires vehicles display one plate).

Then, about a week later, a man approached Willie outside his house and began a seemingly friendly conversation with him.

During the course of this chat, the man stated that he “used to run drugs for the cartel” and he understood that he “had recently had some trouble with them.”

This unidentified man told Willie that he should continue to keep quiet about the shootout or he and his family “would be killed.”

After this contact, Willie’s wife became so terrified she left with the children and is now staying with friends.

Willie is of course, frightened for the lives of his family but he is also angry that criminals are allowed to operate with such impunity in this country and that an American family must now live in fear from a foreign drug cartel…simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (BUT STILL IN THE U.S.).

More than likely, this man and his son inadvertently drove into a pre-determined ‘drop’ situation. Cartel henchmen often meet in remote areas to exchange drugs or money.

As I said at the beginning of this report, this information was given to me by a very trusted and reliable source who has known this man and his family for many years…After multiple conversations and some independent checking, I have no doubt that this report is accurate.

If enough publicity can be afforded to this case, “Willie” has said that he may be willing to speak publicly about these experiences, in hopes that he may become “too visible to touch.”

.Does this land now belong to us or the cartels?

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5 years 52 weeks ago, 3:25 PM

greg az

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Serious comment so let me apologize for the lack of sp check. I didn't break it this time, it's just missing in action.. Bunch of reasons why gregs spelling is what it is.. actually i was part of a failed program based on phonics.. neither excussing or appologizing.. ok guess i am a bit, anyway since my sp check screen lights up like a fifties whore house, im sure it's a painful read, and rest assured that i'll edit this when the help comes out of hiding.. Now to Sams post..

we all know the nature of the net allows for "less" than authenticated stories, but i have no doubt on this one, as there are two more much like it coming out of PHX.. Much of the violence, and the drug cartels envolvement are not broadcast for a whole host of reasons.. Lets say your running a major LE agencie that already has more than it's share of unsolved crimes.. think they want to add to the list.. PHX has the highest held for ransom kidnappings in the nation.. by a huge percentage.. This is a fact, and reported by all the media, but nothing much is done, as it's all centered around illegal's and the drug cartel.. Their was a major home shoot up couple years ago.. small unit all in black, 7.62 rounds everywhere.. somewhere around three hundred rounds were found..neighbors reported at least 5-7 men all in black did the shooting.. nothing else is known.. or at least public knowledge.. so the story above doesn't peg any "truth" alarms to me..

Two issues at work .. illegals and drugs.. both are more complex than a devided congress will act on so everything else is just talk.. The sittuation is Mexico or any narco state is simple, you have to have an almost theocratic belief before you can stop the cartels.. Their the source of most all public aid to impoverished communities.. The residence know they provide more real care, medical, food suplies etc than the government.. thats the good side that allows them to continue unmolested.. Those who care to combat them have two issues to deal with.. first off theirs a HUGE financial advantage to be on their side.. Secondly.. ya live.. just that simple.. bottom line is they have the power.. Mexican power brokers are also correct when they shift part of this blame to us.. first off it's of course justification...but truth in it as well.. Were it not for the demand the drug flow would stop..

I don't know what the answer is.. I know that legalization would give us tax revenue that we need, but i also know its just another slide down that slippery slope to moral decadance..

God bless you all for having the patience to read thru a painful experiance.. Think even TG (hows the vertigo buddy) is squirming a bit on some of the spelling..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
5 years 52 weeks ago, 3:32 PM


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Legal Weed

is not going to happen anytime soon.

It is a Cash Cow for different Private Organizations and Government Agencies which will never be allowed to be re-branded.

There are not any real reasons for it to be illegal when you consider Alcohol is legal. The legal one of the two is a major cause of family destruction, moral corruption and death. Whereas the latter dose have medical benefits which have been proven, does not cause long term adverse affects and I don't see any articles in the paper about someone being stoned and going on a rampage.

The Cartels and their cronies though, they need to be pretty much shot on sight. I don't see where killing them out right would do much harm to the over all health of the gene pool.

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
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5 years 52 weeks ago

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