Finally some of the nitwits are waking up[!

Finally some of the nitwits are waking up[!

Finally, after five long months of the Obama administration, the American people are waking up. They have been in a political slumber as the new President has been racing to the left and extending government involvement in more and more areas of the private sector. After the most ambitious and dangerous agenda of any President in U.S. history, Americans are increasingly questioning the direction of the Obama administration.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the approval rating for Barack Obama has dropped from 64% to 56%, a significant decline for a politician who receives constant media coverage. Obama is the most televised President of all time and has received the most positive coverage of any occupant of the Oval Office. Yet, despite the cheerleading from the Obama obsessed media, the public is becoming concerned about the direction of this White House.

Here are some of the poll results:

69% are concerned about increased government intervention in the economy

58% believe that the government should focus more on controlling the budget deficit than on boosting the economy

53% disapprove of the government’s expensive bailout of General Motors and Chrysler

According to Chuck Todd, NBC News White House Correspondent and Political Director, “The honeymoon is coming to an end for President Obama.” Well, it’s about time! This country is a center-right nation and the people of America should be outraged by the socialist direction of President Obama.

The reason there has not been more outrage is that the media has been so supportive. The latest example occurred this week when ABC News announced that the network would broadcast a health care program live from the White House. Other views and plans will not be allowed. This follows the disgusting two day tour of the White House by Brian Williams of NBC News, who acted like an excited tourist getting a lecture from a tour guide.

The positive coverage is almost non-stop for it is impossible for people to turn on a television without seeing Barack Obama. Even liberal comedian Bill Maher admitted that he is sick of seeing Obama on TV and said John McCain’s characterization of Obama as a “celebrity” was correct.

I sense that the public dissatisfaction with Obama will continue to grow in the weeks ahead. The American people are not in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants, a cap and trade energy program, destroying the secret ballot for union members and nationalizing a good portion of our health care industry. The President’s worldwide apology tour, his deficits, his $787 billion stimulus plan, and his budget stuffed with 9,000 earmarks, is just the beginning.

Obama wants to cut the missile defense program, which is the only way to protect this nation from a madman like Kim Jong-Il. He has no plan to deal with the North Korean dictator, no plan to deal with the stolen vote in Iran, no plan to deal with a resurgent Russia. Obama has claimed that we should not “meddle” in the affairs Iran, but has no problem meddling in the affairs of Israel, the only democracy in the region.

The list of outrages and the extent of his liberalism will be even more apparent in the days ahead, so it will be no surprise to see Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop. He’ll really start to have a problem when the media decides to finally do their job and inform the American people about what is really happening in this country.

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