FIST #42 Driving Holster

FIST #42 Driving Holster


This holster is a good answer to the usual problems of wearing a regular driving holster. With a regular driving holster you have to take it off when you get out of the car and have a regular holster to carry your gun while out of the car. The Fist driving holster makes a smooth transition from driving holster to cross draw by simply pulling it up and to your side in one motion. This is very important because for some people who use driving holsters, such as bodyguards, it is necessary to jump out of the car to deal with problems. A gun held in your lap could be a disaster. Also, the simple problem of having to leave the car to get a candy bar can prove to be very frustrating. When changing it from a cross draw to a driving holster, you simply press on the release bar and pull the holster across your lap. This holster also snaps on and off so you don't have to remove your belt. Most options and alterations will apply.

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