Flint Michigan - Michael Moore they are coming for you!!!

Flint Michigan - Michael Moore they are coming for you!!!

"The Obama administration reportedly is considering whether to broaden an experimental 'shrink to survive' program in Flint, Mich., -- one of the nation's poorest cities. The proposal is to raze districts within some cities and towns while bulldozing others in their entirety. Land would be returned to its pre-construction state. Local politicians in Flint think the city must contract by as much as 40 percent. They want to focus on the population that remains and cut services to save money. ... This idea ought to have appeal across the political spectrum. Dividing up failing cities and towns into smaller entities and creating grasslands in between them also might reduce crime and urban sprawl while lessening pollution and gridlock. Downsizing cities and towns also could serve as a model for government. Smaller government would possibly mean less waste, fraud and abuse and more power for taxpayers. If the federal government wishes to proceed with this proposal, it could greatly enhance its credibility by starting with itself. How about shrinking the size, cost and reach of the federal government because many of its components are out of date and in need of 'bulldozing'? ... The shrinking of American cities and towns that are not as vibrant as they once were is potentially a good idea. So is shrinking the size and cost of the federal government. If the bulldozing of outdated and unnecessary federal spending could be linked to the reduction of failing cities and towns, it would be a win-win for distressed taxpayers." --columnist Cal Thomas

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