Four guns

Four guns

Guns in picture:

1. Stag Arms Model 5:
6.8mm SPC Chamber /Forged and Mil Spec. / Front Sight / 16" Chrome Lined 1/11 Twist
Std 25 Round**
6 Position Collapsible

I purchased this new from Stag Arms for right around 1,000.00


2. Stag Arms Model 7:
6.8 SPC Chamber /Forged and Mil Spec./None/Gas Block
20.77" Stainless Steel 1/11 Twist
Standard 5 Round**
A2 Fixed / Hogue / 2 Stage Match

I purchased this new from Stag Arms for right around 1,000.00


3. Chinese SKS: (from Wikipedia)
The SKS fell out of service amongst its client nations during the 1960s and 1970s, although the Chinese police and military forces continued to use it during the 1980s, and chromed, polished ceremonial versions are still used today in parades, There are a few Chinese reserve and militia units still using the SKS along with the Type 56 assault rifle. Vietnam still has military police units armed with the SKS. Many surplus SKS rifles were disposed of in the 1990s, and photographs and stories exist of SKS rifles used by guerilla fighters in Bosnia, Somalia and throughout Africa and South-East Asia[4] during the 1990s and 2000s. Several African, Asian, and Middle Eastern armies still use the SKS.

During the Cold War, Russia shared the design and manufacturing details with its allies. Therefore, many variants of the SKS exist. Some variants use a 30-round AK-47 style magazine (Chinese Type 63), gas port controls, flip-up night sights, and prominent, muzzle-mounted grenade launchers (Yugoslav M59/66, possibly North Korean Type 63). In total, SKS rifles were manufactured by Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, North Korea, Vietnam, and East Germany (Kar. S) with limited pilot production (Model 56) in Romania and Poland (Wz49). Physically, all are very similar, although the NATO-specification 22 mm grenade launcher of the Yugoslav version, and the more encompassing stock of the Albanian version are visually distinctive. Early versions of Chinese Type 56s (produced 1965–71) used a spike bayonet, whereas the majority use a vertically-aligned blade. Many smaller parts, most notably the sights and charging handles, were unique to different national production runs. A small quantity of SKS carbines manufactured in 1955–56 were produced in China with Russian parts, presumably as part of a technology sharing arrangement. Many Yugoslav M59/66 series rifles were exported to Uruguay and Mozambique[citation needed]; the Mozambique versions having teakwood stocks, the wood supplied by that nation. The vast majority of Yugoslav M59 and M59/66s have elm, walnut and beech stocks. SKS carbines have also made appearances in recent conflicts in Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Today the SKS is in service with China, North Korea and Vietnam, as well as many other countries in Africa.

Nations that utilized the SKS but did not receive manufacturing rights included Afghanistan, Congo, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, the United Arab Republic (Egypt), and the Yemen People's Democratic Republic.

The SKS has also been featured prominently around the world during times of civil unrest.[citation needed]

Purchased on Guns America for approximately 300.00
This rifle is actually very accurate, but I have only fired it out to 75 yards so far.


4. Mossberg Model 500 Persuader:
I like this shotgun quite a bit, but honestly don't have a lot of experience with shotguns. This was my very first one every purchased. Although, I have shot them before this was the first one I shot with a pistol grip. It's fine and seems great for home security. I did feel the recoil, just a bit in the backside of my hand, but it was nothing to be concerned about. Not sure how it might feel with heavier loads though.

Purchased new, Guns America for approximately 340.00

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8 years 6 days ago, 2:31 PM


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I like the

cruiser. Should have never sold mine. I need to get another one if I dont get the 870 desert tac

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7 years 39 weeks ago, 1:47 PM


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how do you like your stag model 7? i am looking at several of the AR styles.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
7 years 39 weeks ago, 3:12 PM


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Honestly, I have not shot it enought to give you good insight. I didn't have a scope for it and there are no sights on it, so I basically just fired a few magazines through it to make sure it worked without any major issues. I have purchased a scope since, but I am still in Iraq, so I will be home again in March to test it out further. The feel was good, it was smooth, trigger pull similar to the Model 5 and I remember anyway. The rifle is a bit heavier, but not so heavy that it made it any harder to handle. Recoil, pretty light be honest, I felt very little difference between it and the AR .223 (Model 2T). I know this is pretty generic, but without more trigger time, that's all I got. I do like Stag thus far, as I have gotten good service from them and they answer any questions quickly.

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7 years 39 weeks ago, 3:30 PM


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Jack you have an email

Not a PM

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Posted by: Pkato
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