fuc them all

fuc them all


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7 years 39 weeks ago, 9:27 PM

greg az

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evening gents.

Bud, forgive me for hijacking this post. got a time issue going on.. as in time for bed

so also good night to all... yeah i know, but this brother can't keep old ass vertical much longer.. we got called to the valley (2hr one way) this am for baby sitting duty, just got home..

Least i got out of the mowing business, but damn if not a one of my neighbors swung by to do it for me..sheesh.. guess thats on the agenda for the am..

Hey missed an update on your NASCAR CDL boy.. assume you didn't have to shoot him huh..

Grease.. sent a pm back at ya. Been thinking about the "pair"..got more ideas so will talk tomorrow..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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7 years 39 weeks ago

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